Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Girly Glam

Emily's mom contacted me a few months ago about giving her daughter a photo shoot with her two best friends for her birthday. We glammed those girls up, and had the most fun shoot I've had to date.

Emily is a track star and absolutely stunning.

Johanna & Cristina are cheerleaders and are drop. dead. gorgeous. I love how Cristina's hair is short and Jo's is long. They are so different but are so connected like all twins are. It kind of made my heart a little sad to think about how fast I know my own twins are going to grow up. Sniffle. 

Anyway, the shoot was amazing and I was pleased as punch with the images that came out of the shoot. The hair & makeup done by Eryn was incredible, and I especially loved the flowers we put in the girls hair at the end of the shoot. I hope I get more fun groups of girls in to get glammed up, it's always more fun with friends.

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