Tuesday, February 19, 2013

App Happy II: More Instagram Apps & a Free Font!

In my last App Happy post, I went over my favorite apps for editing my Instagram photos. Here's an updated list to add to the Insta Fun!

Afterglow ($0.99)
Really pretty filters and fun guest filters. I use in conjunction with my PicFX app on almost every insta

Shapely (FREE)
Just found this one and I LOVE it! It's free and it comes with a lot of combinations, but if you want to get really creative, you can buy add ons, which I think is genius.

VSCO Cam ($0.99)
Another good filter app, these are more gritty and edgy. Good for landscape images & guys.

Vine (FREE)
This isn't really an Instagram app, but it IS a ton of fun. You make short little 6 second videos by touching your screen. I don't love that it captures the sound (really distracting), but still fun. To see our silly little videos my vine is @Rosemary Watson.

AND, since Phonto is proving to be my most used App, here is a fun little font I created to use in Phonto!

Just go here to download the font, or you can email it to yourself if you have an iphone and you can load it directly in Phonto!

Of course, along with my Birdsong font, you MUST grab some of Rhonna's Instafonts to use in Phonto. If you grab the bundles you get a crazy amount of designs to have fun with!

Rhonna has a ton of fab tutorials on her blog how to use her Instafonts, and she snuck in a hint to her upcoming online Insta Class! Can't wait to get the details on that.

Now go forth and create some amazing mobile photo art!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the font! Can't wait to download!


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