Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Curse of the Holiday Procrastinator

Per usual, I overbooked my schedule for this month and am racing to finish both photography and design work for clients as well as celebrate the second fun holiday of the year. I'm falling behind with the celebratory stuff, but am pleased with the work I'm producing for others! I've set aside some time today after my Wedding Photography reSTART class I'm taking online today and meeting with a bride for a consultation this evening to get all my kid's valentines for their classes done.

I downloaded these so super fun Olliblocks from Caravan Shoppe and had the kids glue them on some bright colored cardstock so we can stick some suckers on the back and give out

However, whenever I need a minute to clear my head, I get to snuggle up to these sweet peas. We have a fun day planned out for tomorrow at Grandma's with our cousin-friends.

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