Monday, February 11, 2013

Love Week: My Crafty Valentine

The most romantic holiday of the year is upon us, and I'm trying to scramble and get all my Valentiny stuff done as soon as can be so I can enjoy the holiday instead of trying to play catch up!

I thought and thought of what to get my kids for Valentines, and then I saw these on Pinterest:

And I knew just what I wanted to do. So I'm hot-gluing my little fingers off to make some red sequins hearts to rock my kids' faces off.

1// Cut out a red felt heart

2// Starting on the outer edge and working your way around and towards the center, add a little bit of hot glue at a time to the heart and press some stringed sequins onto the felt heart. I bought my sequins strings at JoAnne's. I bought gold & red!

3// End your string in the center and then carefully cut the sequined string. Add a dab of hot glue to where it is cut on the heart and press a single sequin into the glue to clean up any rough end.

4// Hot glue an alligator clip on the back and stick on your shoes, your bag, in your hair, wherever you need a little pizzaz for Love Day!

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