Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Best Back to School Lunch Ideas

T minus 7 days until first grade starts, and I came to the daunting realization of having to prepare a packed school lunch every single day. On to Pinterest

1// Flower & Bees lunch 2// Pancake heart & melon lunch 3// Heart bagel sandwich lunch 4// Butterfly pasta lunch 5// Heart sandwich and strawberry lunch 6// Flower salad lunch 7// Rainbow Fruit Skewer lunch 8// Underwater sub lunch

I've found a TON of fabulous ideas to make Olivia's lunch not only delicous, but healthy and less we forget, super duper cute. And really, what first grader WOULDN'T love a cute packed lunch?

I found some Bento Boxes and silicone muffin cups on Amazon that I ordered to stick in her lunchbox to keep everything nice and fresh and separated. Let's hear it for happy lunches!

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