Monday, July 23, 2012

The Planning of Clementine's Nursery Nook

We sat down and realized that Clementine is going to be here in no time, so we should probably actually figure out where the heck we are going to put her.

Our house is fairly small, and with just three bedrooms- the twins in one, and the other three in another, then the master - we decided the smartest thing to do while she is still waking up in the middle of the night is to make a little space for her in our room so she won't wake up any of the other kids. Once she's big enough, we can shove her in with the twins and it will be all gravy. It's funny how with the 1st baby you think you need so much stuff for this little tiny human that never really uses all that much of everything you have; then by the 6th we were like, "well, really we can pull in the metal horse trough, fill it with soft blankets and stuff and we can stick her next to the bed." Seriously, we considered doing that until I told my mom and she freaked out.

Our room is painted a deep charcoal grey (Behr's Beluga) so we wanted to keep the nursery nook neutral and utilatarian- a style I am in love with but have not been able to incorporate a lot anywhere else. It's a fun new direction to go in, and a long way from the ultra-themed nurseries I've done in the past. The twins room is very girly, so I wanted to make sure this space has girly touches while keeping an industrial edge. The juxtaposition of hard & soft will be evident throughout, mixing soft fluffy fabric on the inside of the crib with  ruffled burlap on the ottoman we are going to put in the space (not a ton of room for a chair). The barn lighting will look awesome against the faux wall out of beadboard we will create and with the custom wall art I've designed to print on metallic paper from Persnickety Prints. I can't wait until the space comes together and it's ready for her to get here! Come back tomorrow for Team Tuesday to learn more about the art I created for the space.

1// Gulliver Crib

2// Shining Cloud Rain Mobile

3// Barn Light Austin Sconces

4// Fabrics for Baby Bedding

5// Black Dresser

6// Galvanized Tray Bins

7// DIY Neutraface Letters

8// Burlap Ruffle Ottoman

9// ruffle pillow

10// Wall Art designed with Rhonna Designs InstaQuotes Kit

11// Wall Art designed with Rhonna Designs InstaQuotes Kit

12// White beadboard from Home Depot

inspired by Lay Baby Lay's AMAZING nursery boards

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