Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tradition Making: The Back To School Soiree

Of course, you know all about Stephanie Nielson and what an Ah-Maze-Ing Lady she is, but have you ever noticed how much someone who has a complete passion for life and motherhood can effect a total stranger hundreds of miles away?

There have been many times her musings about life has brought me to tears, but it's really her relish of the simple grind that we all live day to day that strikes a chord with me. She finds little things to celebrate and always seems to make sure her children know just how special each and every one of them are. I look at her (blog) and think to myself, "I want my children to feel the same way her children must feel. Just utterly loved and that they are something to be excited about". I think it's easy to want to be more like someone, it's another thing to actually put their influence into action and 'walk the walk' ya'know?

One of my favorite traditions she shares with her family is their annual "Back To School Feast"before she sends her little chickadees out to learn and grow in their new grades. I felt that there is no better way to kick off the school year like celebrating your kids and setting goals and mottos to carry them though, so I've decided we will be holding our Watson Back To School Soiree next Tuesday before Olivia heads off to 1st grade. In true Nie Nie spirit, there will be a motto, some paper crowns, a fancy decorated table, and a delicious menu- just the thing to start the year off with a bang! Bask in Stephanie's Feast from last year and click on over to her past Feasts to get some ideas for your own Back to School celebration for you & your family.

I created this menu for our own Soiree, complete with a recipe of my all time favorite Chocolate Cake, which just so happened to be created in honor of Stephanie Nielson by Cheeky Kitchen's Miss Brooke. It's utter and complete bliss, I tell you.

Happy Back To School Planning everyone! I'll be sure to post pictures of how ours went next week! 

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