Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who's That Girl????? It's JESS!

This is Jess.

She slays me.

I've known her since high school, and she's always been a riot. Her blog, Shuggilippo is filled with hilarity, and her numerous numerous projects (sounds familiar ;) are filled with her huge personality and wit. This Glam Shoot was a little different due to the fact that she specifically wanted "funny" pictures of her doing hilarious things and laughing, and I was totally down to oblige.

The whole shoot was pretty much a whole lot of this with a little "glam" sprinkled in for good measure. Most fun shoot to date. Best thing ever is being able to connect with your clients and give them what they ask for, in your awesome version.


  1. I'm. IN. LOVE. She is totally rocking that camera! Rose, your images are so dreamy!

    1. Thanks Marce! It was a BLAST. We should set up a Glam Shoot fir you!


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