Friday, February 1, 2013

What I'm Working On: Wood Creations Brand Identity

You know how I love supporting small business, and you also know how much I love design. AND it's becoming more and more apparent how much I love photography, so the obvious thing to do, I guess, is to start helping new small business with their Brand Identities, designing needs, and photography needs. WIN!

First up, Wood Creations Furniture. They've been open for 6 years and are ready to start fresh and go in a new direction with their brand. They just recently started selling CHALK PAINT© decorative paint by Annie Sloan, and their exposure has skyrocketed because of it!

I came up with this Brand Board for them and then from that did a whole website facelift. Visit their site at to check it out!


  1. Dude their website looks top notch!! Props to you

    1. Thanks Ewie! I'm really happy with it so far!


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