Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Photography Wishlist

Remember when I tried to switch to Wordpress, and I got all stressed out and frustrated and confused? Well, I'm back here and want to share my wishlist for this year on here in case you all missed it.

1) Sue Bryce & Hailey Bartholemew’s creative LIVE class on Showreels is coming up at the end of January and I can’t wait to learn everything I can soak up about video. I need a new camera that takes HD video, and the Canon 5D Mark iii is the perfect camera to get me up and running.
2) There are so many choices when it comes to lenses, but I think the one I’d like the most is the Canon 35 mm 1.4. Perfect for video, and for those gorgeous wider portrait shots.
3) I’ve been needing a new camera bag for a while, and I just found these gorgeous Ona Bags that I’m coveting. Not too girly, utilatarian, and super durable- just what I’ve been wanting. The Union Street Messenger bag is my pick.
4) My little ibook laptop has about reached it’s maximum storage space, and it’s software is almost 5 years old, so it’s getting about time for an upgrade. The new Macbook Pro Retina’ s are what I’ve got my eye on- faster, stronger, smarter, and the display is unreal.
5) The perfect sales tool on the go, you can show slideshows, wall displays, product options, and so much more with the iPads with Retina displays. Plus, it will keep my kids busy for hours.
6) I died when I saw these Bloom Theory camera straps. There are so many gorgeous ones, but I think I love the Petite Cheri Bow strap best.
7) My kids need this Wooden Toy Camera by Keepsake Toys. Also, it would be so fun as a photo prop for my kids sessions.
8) I have an awesome white wood floor drop, but I need a couple more for some upcoming newborn shoots I have. Swanky Prints on Etsy has a ton of fun little floordrops and backdrops.
9) My iphone is great, but how fun is the Instax camera? I love the idea of mini polaroids and giving them as little gifts to clients and using them in scrapbooks.
10) Last but not least, EDUCATION! Education, education, education, people. Everyone needs it in their lives and businesses. I watched Sal Cincotta’s Wedding Photography Bootcamp when it was live, but I think I really need to purchase the course. Sal included so. much. information with the downloads, so I need to really save my pennies and purchase this course.

What are you dreaming of adding to your arsenals this year?


  1. Hey Rosemary! I have sort of blog stalked you for a while now, but I just wanted to say I really have loved watching you and your creative business gro! I got a new camera last year because I hope someday to be an incredible photographer, but with being a mom the learning process has been slow. I just love how far you have come and how incredibly talented you are, and with 6 kids! You are SO inspiring! Thanks!

    1. Hi Brittany! Thanks for commenting- it really means a lot when people have kind words and encouragement. I'm so so happy that you are inspired to follow your own photography dreams while being a mom; it's super hard to try and balance everything but I KNOW it can be done! Follow along with me and we'll learn together!


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