Friday, January 25, 2013

A Wedding for The Baby

Most families have a "baby of the family"; the youngest child that growing up, everyone looks after and  is loved especially by the rest of the kids because they're always the littlest. They're a little more protected, a little more spoiled, and a little more sweet because you long to hold on to a baby when you know there will be no others after they've grown up.

My family is lucky enough to have two babies. My sister Eryn is six years younger than I, then six years later our family adopted my other baby sister Barrett into the family so we've always grown up with the two. The day after Thanksgiving the first of our babies got married, and the day was just a bit more special and bittersweet because she was all grown up and officially on her own.

My parents have thrown four weddings in five years and now since Barrett is 15, they luckily have  a little break before the last of us are married off. I'm exhausted already thinking of the work to be done for the littlest baby's wedding. But, of course, when the time comes, I wouldn't rather be doing anything else.

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  1. I love the pictures and the bouquet is beautiful


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