Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kobe At Three Months

I've known my friend Rene for over 10 years. She was actually my high school cheer coach my Senior Year; and then about four years ago I was hired to be the JV cheer coach at Mesa High and she was still the Varsity coach there. When she announced that she was pregnant with her first baby girl Makinlee, I of course had to be a thunder-stealer and try and quietly announce I was pregnant too. With twins. 
Twelve months later she was pregnant in a new baby girl Brylee and I was super happy to not have anything to announce for once. She was getting used to life with two kids 12 months apart and I was getting used to 5 kids 5 & under. Then, when her second little girl was just 3 months old, she confided to me she was pregnant AGAIN. Another baby twelve months apart! And, shockingly enough, just one week later, her oldest girl was playing in my purse at a basketball game and pulled out my pregnancy test I had just took and was, surprise!, positive.

So, she had her baby boy Kobe on September 11th last year (her second daughter Brylee is also born on September 11th!) and I had Clementine on September 22nd. I love seeing the similarities in Kobe and Clementine. Three months old is such a magical time. Babies are so so happy and smile at everything and just so fresh and beautiful and amazing. I'm so thrilled to be able to watch our babies grow bit by bit and try to capture a bit of it to love forever.  

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