Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Best Part About Photographing Women

My most favorite thing about launching into Glamour Photography, is the connections I get to make with other women. Girls I've known since high school, that all have families of their own and go through the same day to day struggles as I do- juggling their kids and their own dreams, their husbands, their homes, their parents, their sanity. Everyone has grown up a bit but deep down, everyone longs to rediscover the beauty and life that sometimes we let slip away because of how busy we are. 

I was so so happy to reconnect with Jen. We danced together in high school, and now she has two kids that have crazy schedules and an amazing husband who works full time and goes to school; so needless to say her life is insane. We had the best time getting her all dolled up and playing for a couple hours in front of the camera where all she had to worry about was "chin down, bring in your shoulder, stick your booty waaaay out....blah blah blah". Isn't she just a sassy pants?

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