Monday, August 20, 2012

Here's To The Best Right Hand Man Around

Yesterday was my first Senior Portrait Session for my 2013 Senior Rep Campaign. I have four gorgeous, and unique girls representing me & my photography; and I have an awesome team of creative people to collaborate with for my shoots. Along with Lindsey (my Fashion Stylist) and Leah (my hair & makeup artist), I have this guy assisting me on my shoots. 

His responsibilities currently entail lugging around gear, making sure I stay hydrated, towing props, chauffeuring, making sure I don't slip and fall while trudging through the desert, and also being there in case I go into labor while on a shoot. At larger events, such as weddings he will be doing more "photography" type things; but for now he's basically my babysitter. And although it was hot as the dickens in Queen Creek yesterday, this guy made it a lot more bearable my cracking me up the whole time.

Today is a big day for him- he's going back to school! It's really exciting (and probably a little crazy) for us to be starting a new photography business while he is starting school and we are having a new baby (AND there's those other 5 kids that have things like school, preschool, soccer, ballet, and maybe girl scouts) but we'll just strap in and hold on for the ride; just like we've done for the last seven years we've known each other. 

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  1. Love this post. Sounds like you ended up with a keeper!


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