Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Instagram Fancies and Some Pregnancy Confessions

The sickness in the Watson house has yet to subside- we've been hit with a 24 hour flu bug and Landen, Penelope, and I have all fallen victim. I didn't get half of what I wanted to get done finished and pretty much just tried not to hurl all day.

However, I did get one thing done- posting my new Insta Frames in my Digital Shop. For just $0.99, you can get these bold and bright square frames with a little flag and some tinting to jzoojsh up your iphone photos. Aren't they swell?

There's going to be more fun designs in the Digital Shop coming up after Clementine is born, I have a ton of great ideas for the holidays coming up! I also have a blog "mini facelift" in the works. Not a full makeover, mind you, but a little change up for the upcoming season. I'll be doing some reorganizing of my brands and projects and introducing some new ones, but not until after this baby gets out of my belly.

I have found myself struggling to stay positive and cheery about this last pregnancy, it's just so hot and miserable here and I have a ton of complaints and grumpiness that I can't shake. Then of course, I feel super guilty because I also know I have a ton to be thankful for. Oh well, it's the nature of the 8 months pregnant beast I guess. Hopefully I can get out of this sick and tired funk and not go into labor all crabby and cranky like I have been. Pray for me friends.

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