Monday, August 13, 2012

Penelope's Fancy Day

Being so crazy busy and having so many kids sometimes takes a toll on my sanity- so I have to conciously make an effort to slow down sometimes and give my kids the extra attention they crave and stop "working". My mind is constantly moving and creating and planning for all my projects I am juggling right now so it is really hard for me to completely stop and disconnect from the world and web and just be present in my life.

I decided to make an effort for one of those "disconnect days" on Friday, because my little Miss Peepers got to have a whole special day just to herself. Grandma & I took her to get her very first hair cut and we chopped it into a sweet little bob that fits her charming personality just perfectly. Landen came along for moral support for his best buddy and he was so sweet when she got it cut "Oh Peepers, you look BEAUTIFUL!" (after he realized who she was- he didn't recognize her at first ;)

After her haircut, we took her to get her ears pierced, which I figured would go terribly because she is SUCH a drama queen. She of course freaked when her first ear got pierced and cried immediately, but after we oohed and ahhed over how pretty her earrings were she sucked it up and got brave for the second ear. She didn't even cry after the second one.

Then we went on a lunch date at Chick-Fil-A (which has the most delicious peach milkshakes on the planet) so it was a super fun day for my Peeper Girls. She looks like such a big girl, I can't wait to get her all fancied up with her new hair do and earrings and snap some fab photos of her to hang in our house!

Being out and about with them forced me to put down the iphone, stop planning photo shoots in my head, and just focus on not losing one of my kids as they wander around the mall. I'm thinking I may need to take one of those days at least every other week so I don't turn completely into a robot ;)

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