Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Introducing: The Homeschool Project

When Olivia was four I gave homeschool preschool a shot, but my kids never really took to it. Landen was a wild little three year old, and Penelope was just a teeny little two year old and when I became pregnant with the twins, I kind of abandoned the notion and put her in a preschool down the street from us. Landen & Penelope both attended the same preschool last year, but sadly our beloved Miss Crystal moved to Thatcher and I never decided what I wanted to do for preschool with the kids this year. Landen is five now, and he and Penelope (who's four) are at about the same level educationally and behaviorally so they'll both be starting Kindergarten together next year. With launching a new photography business, Braden starting college, having a sixth baby, and with wanting our kids to participate in more activities like soccer and ballet we don't really have the budget for preschool too; so I've made the executive decision to be in charge of my littles' educations. Introducing, The Homeschool Project.

It's amazing the resources that are out there online that empower mommas to give their children quality, creative, and incredibly flexible educations. I've started a Pinterest board with some great ideas, and will be sharing my favorite resources and printables here on the blog that I'm going to use with all the kids. Even the twinners will be joining in on the Homeschool fun- I've found a ton of great ideas for early learning education as well as preschool.

AND, I was so excited to get a One Buck Wednesday email from Jessica Sprague last week and got this entire A to Z School Digital Kit for just $1! It's the perfect companion to our Homeschool Project, wouldn't you say?

We're starting The Homeschool Project September 3rd, so next week is all about preparing and collecting curriculum and supplies. If you have any awesome resources please share too!

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  1. I'm interested to see what you come up with because I am working on doing the same thing with my little girl, but I only have one! I found a site that had some good guidelines. It looks 80s, but seemed useful. I only looked at the younger kid stuff because I haven't gotten past a 3 year old so I don't know what she has as far as older kiddos, but here it is. Good luck!


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