Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sweet Baby Onesies Round Up & Tutorial

As Clementine's premiere gets closer and closer, I keep realizing how completely unprepared I am. I don't really stress about it because babies really are super low key if you make them that way, but I really should have something for her to wear when she gets here. If you haven't discovered already, newborn babies do not fit into ANYTHING for the first couple of weeks, so all those cute newborn outfits you have stashed are going to look ridiculous for at least a little while. I like to stock up on basic newborn or preemie white onesies for those first days, and they are super easy to customize and jzooge up to give your itty bitty some personality. Here is a round up of my favorite fancy onsie ideas from pinterest: 

The very first image of the chevron felt applique from Finely & Oliver is my most favorite, and she has a super sweet tutorial about how to make it on her blog. I feel like making a whole slew of newborn onesies for Clementine, now just to choose what designs to make....

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